The Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium gives commercial partners the opportunity to collaborate with students and faculty in advanced materials research across the UW–Madison campus. The consortium facilitates interactions through:

  • Annual Meeting and Facilities Open House events
  • B2B networking opportunities
  • Early access to student and postdoctoral researchers
  • Facilitated access to shared instrumentation
  • Sponsored research and facilities use agreements
  • Industrial Fellow Program
  • Consulting opportunities
  • Quarterly newsletter

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    Soft Materials Lab. Click on the image to go to Soft Materials Lab homepage

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    Microscopy Innovation’s mPrep instrument. Click on the image to go to mPrep instrument page.

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    View of Engineering Hall and Maquina fountain. Click on the image to go to UW Madison's College of Engineering webpage

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    Students present at The UW Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium held on October 29, 2013 in the Engineering Centers Building of the UW-Madison campus

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  • Graphene Balls

    MRSEC Director Nicholas Abbott works with graduate student Peter Mushenheim and Beloit College Professor George Lisensky on combining outreach and research at the 2012 MRSEC BREW

AMIC is the industrial consortium that offers wisconsin manufacturers the materials research, equipment and talent they need to innovate and grow their business


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